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Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection

Let IDSeal protect you and your family from cyber attacks.

How does IDSeal Protection work?

Always-connected shouldn't mean always at risk. IDSeal works around the clock to protect your personal data, maintain your privacy and prevent identity theft. Let IDSeal help keep your sensitive information safe and sealed.



It's fast and easy to get you and your family protected. Simply choose a plan that fits your household, complete your user profile(s), and IDSeal will handle the rest.


Monitor & Alert

IDSeal monitors your personal information, and with proprietary technology, alerts you to a wide range of potential threats to your identity. IDSeal can detect stolen personal data on more than 600,000 Dark Web pages, file-sharing sources, black market forums and more.



If your identity becomes compromised, one of IDSeal's U.S.-based Fraud Resolution Specialists will help you. It's like having an advocate at a credit bureau working for you on the inside to help resolve any issues you may have with identity theft.



Included in all IDSeal plans, identity theft insurance provides reimbursement for up to $1M with a $0 deductible, for expenses associated with your identity theft recovery.

IDSeal Has You Covered

Your IDSeal membership includes a wide range of identity theft protection services, including:

  • 3-Bureau Credit Reports, Scores and Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Court and Criminal Records Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Bank Account Takeover Monitoring
  • Real-Time Authorization Notifications

All IDSeal Plans Also Include

Free iOS and Android App

Download the app to receive alerts and notifications on the go.

Lost Wallet Protection

IDSeal will help you cancel or replace credit cards, licenses 

24/7 Member Support

U.S.-based ID Care Specialists who can assist you day or night.

Make a Choice to End Childhood Hunger

Make a big difference in a small way.

*It is not possible to prevent all identity theft or cybercrime, or to effectively monitor all activity on the internet. IDSeal cannot guarantee complete protection against cybercrime or identity theft.